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Marketing Sales Management Business systems
to improve your performance and increase the value of your organization

Our services are available on a time and materials, fixed fee, Rapid Reply™ e-mail, or retainer basis — in person or online. Our practice specialties include, but are not limited to, those listed below. To order our services online or receive additional information, please tell us what you need or want.
Our Difference. We guarantee our work because we have in-depth knowledge and experience and employ proven best practices in our fields of expertise. This is why we have achieved over a quarter century of successful results for our clients. We hope that you will join our impressive client list.
Client Quote. “I have been with this company for 18 and one-half years. During this time, our sales have been virtually flat. In just the first quarter since we began to implement the marketing plan you created for us, our sales are up considerably (33%). It is the biggest quarter in our company's history.”
Marvin L. Snyder, President Rico International (the world's largest manufacturer of reeds for musical instruments)

For over 38 years, our consultants have been helping organizations, large and small, to be more successful. We have a broad range of expertise in our practice specialties of Marketing, Sales & Business Development, Management, and Business systems. The list below provides more detail on our areas of expertise.

Specialties include: Aerospace Biotech Consumer Electronics Education Entertainment Food High-tech Internet
Marketing Consulting
Advertising & Promotion Strategies to sell more products and to increase brand awareness
Article Writing to inform and gain favorable publicity for clients
Branding & Positioning strategies, names, logos, and slogans to distinguish products
Competing with Free on and off the Internet

Corporate Identity strategies, names, slogans, and logos to distinguish and protect

Crisis Management strategies to protect & rebuild the image of companies, products, people
Direct Marketing strategies to boost response, reach, and penetration
Distribution Strategies for greater market penetration and coverage
Focus Groups & Primary Market Research to make better decisions
International Marketing Strategies using a proprietary model for international success
Marketing Audit to review, evaluate, and recommend improvements in your marketing
Marketing Plans to develop measurable goals and strategies to achieve them
  Marketing Strategies to fix problems, introduce new products, and improve performance
Marketing Information System to make better decisions
Marketing Coaching to look, listen and advise on better strategies and courses of action
Naming products, divisions, and companies to increase brand value
New Product Development System to create the new products that customers want to buy and that satisfy company positioning, profit, and return on investment goals
Speaking (speeches and keynote address) to boost your image and promote your products
Zero-Budget Marketing Strategies to do the marketing you need on a “zero” budget
Sales Consulting
Sales coaching & training to improve the performance of sales managers and staff
Sales Booster™ proprietary system to increase sales
Sales Presenter™ proprietary system to give better presentations
Selling strategies to increase sales effectiveness
Sales organization design and implementation for optimal performance
Sales systems including Sales Notebooks, Hot Lists, Lead Cards/Screens, and Letters
Management and Business Systems Consulting
Board of Advisors and Directors to provide guidance
Business Cycle Systems to boost efficiency, improve customer service, and prevent fraud
Business Function Systems to improve the effectiveness of major business functions
Business Management Systems for better Planning, Organization Design and Control
Business Plans to raise capital, improve performance, and increase value
Business Strategies for competitive advantage and improving business
Executive Coaching to help executives and managers to realize their potential
Executive Replacement to fill in an executive position until replaced
Innovation strategies to help organizations to be more innovative
Paperwork design, flow, and filing systems to boost efficiency, protect against fraud, help prevent mistakes, and optimize customer service
Policies and procedures to save management time, facilitate training, help avoid litigation, and boost efficiency
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