Selected Book Testimonial E-mails

We have received numerous letters and e-mails from around the world telling us how our books and tools have helped businesses and individuals to save money, increase sales, and boost profits. Some of our customers and clients have even told us that they reference these books every day in some way or the other and that they find them indispensable to their success. We have included just a few recent examples for your information.

1. Hermann Eichholzer, Annenberg School of Communications, USC

Date: 03/06 12:55 AM
Received: 03/06 8:12 AM
From: Hermann Eichholzer,
To: Ira Kalb,
Hi Ira,
I am writing you to thank you for being such a superb and positive
influence on my career choice, Marketing. The passion with which you
have professed Marketing was and still is very contagious and I am
sharing that passion, which is the sole reason for my career choice.
Now, that I am doing my research for Human Resource Marketing˛ and
investigate the relationship between human resource and marketing I find
that your Marketing concepts and philosophies are "way ahead" of
everybody else. Understanding this I have come to the conclusion that I
was not academically capable nor ready to appreciate or understand the
depth and completeness of your work.
My research allows me to become absorbed with this specific topic and it
does not matter what I read, I always find parallels between what I have
learned from you and what I am reading for my research.
Ira, I just have come to the conclusion that you are a Marketing Guru
and your books therefore must be bibles.

I hope you are doing well!
Hermann Eichholzer, Annenberg School of Communications, USC

2. Tom Simonds, CEO of InterAccess

Date: 04/17 11:57 AM
Received: 04/17 1:38 PM
From: Tom Simonds,
To: irakalb,
CC: Beatrix Richman,
Dan Throgmorton,
Karim Cherif,

My company made #66 on the INC
500 list for 1999 and will probably be a winner in October for 2000, albeit
a much worse rank. Ira's class, himself, and his various books I've bought
have been a tremendous source of help both from business basics to advanced
stuff. I also took a small business finance class which was all you really
needed to get a business going until the first attempt at serious bank

Tom Simonds InterAccess Co.
President Data CLEC offering DSL & Internet Services
F)312-496-4498 tom@interaccess.comMonday,

July 3, 2000
Hi Ira,

Well, you can be extra proud of me. Tell your students that one of your
disciples went on to make $22M seven years after taking your class and
reading all your books. Your zero budget marketing book, by the way, was
very effective.
In fact many of our zero budget efforts and produce far
better results than our very expensive efforts.


3. Maria Björner Brauer
, Sales Professional, LMI Technologies, Sweden

Dear Ira,

I really like your book (high-tech sales), just like I liked your lecture in LA.

Kindest regards
Maria Björner Brauer


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