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All of our courses are available in semester, quarter, short-course, and seminar formats. They have been successfully employed in MBA, undergraduate, and private-company training programs around the world by our consultants and trainers.

High-tech Marketing Course Notes  $49.95
Selling High-Tech Products Course Notes $49.95
E-Marketing Course Notes $49.95
Zero-Budget Marketing Course Notes $49.95
Marketing Principles and Practices Course Notes $49.95
Advertising Principles and Practices Course Notes $49.95
Consumer Behavior Course Notes $49.95
Fundamentals of Business & Management Course Notes $49.95
Creating Marketing and Advertising that Sells Course Notes $49.95
Marketing Management Course Notes $49.95
Sales Management Course Notes $49.95
Professional Selling Course Notes $49.95
Introduction to Business Course Notes $49.95
Management Course Notes $49.95
Direct Marketing Course Notes $49.95
International Management Course Notes $49.95
Advertising & Promotion Management Course Notes $49.95
Homework Assignment and Answers Option for any of the above courses
Course Syllabus Option for any of the above courses
Articles and Readings Option for any of the above courses $49.95
Tools & Templates Option for any of the above courses $49.95

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