Welcome to the K&A Executive Club
a resource for clients, customers, and students of our K&A family of companies

The K&A Executive Club was formed at the request of clients, customers, and students who frequently retain the services and purchase the products offered by our K&A family of companies — Kalb & Associates, K&A Press, and Out-of-this-Word Marketing.™ The purpose of our Club is to add value to our relationship for our mutual benefit — that is, to create a win/win experience. To learn about some of the many benefits of membership, see below.


About the K&A Executive Club

Clients and customers can join in either of two ways — (1) earning a membership by purchasing or referring $10,000 of services and goods in a given calendar year, or (2) purchasing a membership for $99 per year. Those who purchase a membership who later qualify under (1) will be refunded their membership fees as a discount on their next purchase.

The benefits of club membership include the following:

1. A rebate up to 10% on all goods and services over $100 applied to your next purchase.

2. Mention of your company or organization in our client list with a link that publicizes your Web site.

3. Subscription to timely business articles with our editorial comments that we send to our subscription clients and students.

4. Subscription to our newsletters.

5. Other club benefits that may be offered from time to time.

Students who want to continue to receive articles and newsletters from us (benefits #3 and #4), can join our K&A student club for $29.95 per year.

If you would like to join our K&A Executive Club, you can select a regular or student membership (join now). If you have more questions, please contact us, and put “K&A Club in the subject line of your e-mail.

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