Public Speaking
where we inform, entertain, and educate to enhance the corporate image of our host

Because of their expertise, Kalb & Associates Consultants are often asked to give keynote addresses, speeches, and dinner presentations, or act as expert panelists for hosting organizations. These appearances are provided on a time and materials or fixed fee basis according to current rates at the time of engagement.


Since our consultants teach for corporations, organizations, and universities, they have had many years to develop their public speaking skills.


If you have an interest in hiring any of our experts for public speaking or expert panelist engagements, please contact us.

January 10-May 4, 2018: BUAD 307 • Fundamentals of Marketing, USC

August 23-Dec 8, 2017: BUAD 307 • Fundamentals of Marketing, USC

January 13-May 6, 2016: BUAD 307 • Fundamentals of Marketing, USC

November 30, 2015: Marketing Plan for Finland presented to high-ranking Finnish Government Officials

November 17, 2015: Innovation, Brand, and Marketing Strategies, Delegation from Guangxi, China

September 22, 2015: Business Innovation, Delegation from Shenzhen, China

August 23-Dec 1, 2015: GSBA 528 • Marketing Management, Masters in Social Entrepreneurship, USC

August 24-Dec 11, 2015: BUAD 307 • Fundamentals of Marketing, USC

January 14-May 1, 2015: BUAD 307 • Fundamentals of Marketing, USC

August 7, 2014: Direct Marketing That Does Not Annoy, Columbia College, Missouri

Most popular speaking topics

The following speaking topics can be provided in lunch, dinner, keynote, or seminar formats

• Branding Strategies for Greater Success
• Building Better Brands

• Business & Management Fundamentals
• Competing with Free
• Creating Marketing and Advertising Content that Sells
• Crisis Management to Protect Your Image
• Counterintuitive Notions in Marketing
• Direct Marketing that Does Not Annoy
• Innovation and New Product Development
• Internet Marketing
• The Internet of Things (IOT)
• Marketing High Techology
• Marketing Information Systems for Making Better Decisions
• Marketing Plan Development
• Professional Selling
• Selling High-Tech Products
• Social Media
• Zero-Budget Marketing


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