Selected Speaking Testimonial E-mails

We look forward to being called upon to give speeches and keynote addresses for various organizations around the world. We are gratified that these appearances have been well-received. Some examples of the e-mails we have received are provided below.

1. Los Angeles County Medical Association, Director of Marketing, Patricia Jowers

Date: 09/29 11:05 AM
Received: 09/29 11:50 AM
From: Patrica Jowers,
To: irakalb,
Hi Ira,
Thank you for doing such a great job last night. Received many good comments!
I'll send you a "proper" thank you letter when I return.
Thanks, too, for the Web Site info!

Patricia Jowers
Director of Marketing
Los Angeles County Medical Association
Phone: 213.630.1132
Fax: 213.630.1152

2. A-Mark Precious Metals, Karen Siteman, Vice President, Marketing

Date: 05/02 3:46 PM
Received: 05/02 4:49 PM
From: Karen Siteman,
To: 'irakalb',
Dear Ira,
Everyone so enjoyed the presentation- I would put myself at the top of the
list. Thank you so much. How about lunch on May 18, 2000? Let me know,
if that does not work suggest another time you might be available. Great
to meet you. Talk with you soon. Karen

3. San Diego Regional Technical Alliance, Cliff Numark, President and CEO (now Director of the American Red Cross)

Date: 04/25 8:59 AM
Received: 04/25 1:59 PM
From: Clifford Numark,
To: Yolanda Estrada, A-Mark International
I am responding to your request re: my impressions of Ira Kalb as a speaker.
Mr. Kalb is exceedingly knowledgeable about business issues, and about
marketing and sales information in particular. He is clear and articulate.
He uses good examples and involves attendees in the discussion. He has a
clear voice and is well-organized. As your speaker, I recommend him without
Cliff Numark
President & CEO
San Diego Regional Technology Alliance
1775 Hancock St., Suite 260
San Diego, CA 92110
619-615-1058 (fax)
Helping turn high tech ideas into companies
and companies in to communities

4. SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District)

Date: 02/05 12:06 AM
Received: 02/04 4:32 PM
From: Stephen Frantz,
To: irakalb,
Ira, I was quite impressed by your knowledge and your reasoned responses
to specific questions. Outside of my work at SMUD, I am on the board of
directors of a nonprofit community radio station in Nevada City,
Similar institutions in your neck of the woods might be KPFK in L.A. and
KCRW in Santa Monica. We have put together a marketing plan to ensure
our survival and expand over the next five to ten years. I am wondering
what you might charge to review such a plan and/or do a half-day
symposium with our board and staff. My guess is we can't afford you,
but it doesn't hurt to ask.

5. Metal Treating Institute (letter)

Date: May 9, 1996
From: M. Lance Miller, CAE, Executive Vice President
To: Ira S. Kalb

Dear Ira:

Thank you for being an integral part of the Metal Treating Institute's Spring Meeting in Hawaii. As you know, everyone in the room was the CEO of one of our member firms. So, it was very important to us that the people we invited to speak bring something of material significance to the member themselves or to their firms. It also had to be communicated to appeal to our group of rock solid, down-to-earth people.

I am pleased to report that your presentation on “Marketing versus Selling” was an outstanding success. Several of our members approached me after you left and indicated that they would be using your methods in their companies. That is a strong testimonial that you hit a responsive chord.

As an interesting aside, several members agreed that we should have allotted more time for your session. Accordingly, I am thinking about having a stand-alone seminar or regional seminars on the same subject... but with more time allowed.

We are looking forward to an ongoing, mutually advantageous association with you and your firm in the future. Thank you again for your participation in our meeting.


M. Lance Miller, CAE
Executive Vice President


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