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Our consulting and training division provided services to Ironware Technologies over a three day period. The client realized a $2 million return on a fee investment of $6,000. Our marketing division was retained for a follow-up project to create marketing communications for the client for fees totaling $2,125.

Client: Ironware Technologies — largest independent reseller and installer of accounting and business software in Colorado.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Key Contact: Gregory B. Houston, Executive Vice President and COO.

Project Scope: Consulting and Training in the areas of Zero-Budget Marketing, Business Development, Brand identity, Marketing Information System, and implementation of these strategies.

Return on Investment: Total client investment in Kalb & Associates fees = $8,125. As stated in the letter below, the client realized $2 million in sales after one trade show appearance and forecasts an anual boost in sales growth of up to 35% (from 15 to 20% up to 50%) — all in a recessionary economy.

Testimonial letter:

February 6, 2003

Mr. Ira S. Kalb
Kalb & Associates
2618 Montana Avenue, Suite #1
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Dear Mr. Kalb,

Last October you visited our offices to provide our sales and marketing staff training on zero-budget marketing concepts. While we expected to learn some new concepts regarding successful and inexpensive marketing techniques, we never anticipated the thorough training that we would receive. And, while we thought we would just be fine-tuning our marketing approach, we were given a real sales and marketing education. Concepts such as Marketing Lead Cards, Sales Notebook contents, authoring professional articles, corporate branding, successful lead generation, collecting intelligence on the publications and Web sites that our market targets frequent, the Features, Benefits, Advantages, Time & Money table, promotional effectiveness reports, Hot lists, effective Web design and Marketing information forms represent just a fraction of the concepts that were taught to us.
By using the concept of “benefits oriented marketing” rather than an inward focus, we were able to design a marketing campaign which culminated in the most successful trade show appearance in our company’s history. From this annual trade show, we realized over $2,000,000 in sales!
We cannot thank you enough for the information and guidance you have given us. It’s as if a light went on. Rather than projecting modest 15-20% annual growth rates, we now believe that we can grow our company by more than 50% annually.
Thank you again for everything. All of us at IronWare think that you ROCK!

Very truly yours,

Gregory B. Houston
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer


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