Testimonial #2

Over a seven-year period, our consulting and training divisions provided a variety of services to InterAccess in Chicago. During this time, InterAccess purchased most of the books available through our book division. After seven years of increasingly profitable growth and awards from Inc. Magazine, the CEO sold the company for a net gain of $22 million.

Client: InterAccess — One of the most successful Internet service providers (ISPs) in the Chicago area. Tom Simonds, CEO (the company was sold in 2000 to Hosting.com a division of Allegiance Telecom after 7 years of solid success).

Location: Chicago, Illinois.

Key Contact: Tom Simonds, Former CEO (now retired) and winner Inc. Magazine awards.

Project Scope: Consulting and Training in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Business Management, Business Systems, and Implementation assistance in Marketing and Sales. The relationship started when the CEO took a marketing class from Ira S. Kalb at UCLA Extension and continued as Ira S. Kalb mentored and provided consulting and training services, books, and other assistance to the CEO and key marketing personnel of the company.

Return on Investment: Total client investment in Kalb & Associates fees = $4,200. Even though InterAccess was in a very competitive business, they were profitable every year, and sold the business in 2000 — netting the CEO/owner $22 million.

Testimonial emails:

2 A and B • Tom Simonds CEO, and Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year 1999

Hi Ira,
Well, you can be extra proud of me. Tell your students that one of your
disciples went on to make $22M seven years after taking your class and
reading all your books. Your zero budget marketing book, by the way, was
very effective. In fact many of our zero budget efforts and produce far
better results than our very expensive efforts.

To: irakalb, irakalb@KalbAssociates.com

My company made #66 on the INC
500 list for 1999 and will probably be a winner in October for 2000, albeit
a much worse rank. Ira's class, himself, and his various books I've bought
have been a tremendous source of help both from business basics to advanced

Tom Simonds InterAccess Co.
President Data CLEC offering DSL & Internet Services
W)312-496-4302 http://www.interaccess.com/tom
F)312-496-4498 tom@interaccess.comMonday, July 3, 2000

#2C Lyn Flannery • Director of Marketing

Date: 08/17 9:54 PM
Received: 08/17 3:02 PM
From: Lyn Flannery, lyn@interaccess.com
To: irakalb, irakalb@KalbAssociates.com
It is a beautiful, sunny day and all of us are re-energized! I can't thank
you enough for your words of wisdom, inspiration and rational suggestions.
As I mentioned in the car, if we can implement half of your suggestions, we
will easily surpass our lofty sales goals. Thank you, thank you, thank
you. I'm officially part of your sales army.
Paul's email is pgoldberg@interaccess.com and Phil's is
Take care. I'll give you updates regarding our sales progress.
P.S. The Sales team agrees that a weekend with you is a good use of time.
They are already asking when we will have another seminar with you!

#2D Bob Corley • Account Executive

Date: 01/12 10:45 PM
Received: 01/12 4:50 PM
From: Bob Corley, bcorley@interaccess.com
To: Ira Kalb, irakalb@kalbassociates.com
I wanted to thank you for the information that you imparted to us this
weekend, and thought you'd like to know that I have begun incorporating
some of your suggestions into my repertoire today, with great success.
Specifically, I have asked people "what day this week would you like me to
call you back" to avoid the answer "no", and have also begun explaining how
we may be priced higher, but our long-term cost is lower. The responses
have been positive, and I think these people are glad that they called
I hope to see my numbers respond in kind.
Anyway, I hope your return trip was uneventful. Thanks again for a
valuable weekend.
Bob Corley - Account Executive
InterAccess - Chicagoland's Internet Provider
Ph: 312-496-4461 Fax: 312-496-4499


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