Testimonial #3

Our consulting and training division provided services to Hewlett-Packard's Security Software Group in Atlanta over a three day period resulting in an increase in productivity and sales for the Division. The client subsequently retained our marketing communications group to create an ad for their product line for insertion in leading Windows and Unix publications. This ad has been very well received and the client is using part of the copy we created as their new slogan.


Client: Hewlett-Packard Security Software Division — One of the leading producers of security software for mid-to-large sized organizations.

Client Location: Atlanta, Georgia.

Key Contact: Gary Sevounts, Director of Product Marketing (Now Director of Solutions Management for Symantec).

Client Location: Atlanta, Georgia.

Project Scope: Consulting and Training in the areas of Marketing, Business Development, and Web Design. Creation of an Ad and associated Direct Mail piece that incorporated the strategies we developed. We also created a new slogan for the security product line.

Return on Investment: Since the division did not have mechanisms to calculate an ROI, this is not known. Per the following e-mails, the client was very happy with our work. Total investment in consulting, training, ad and slogan creation was $9,000.

Testimonial emails:

Gary Sevounts
Director of Product Marketing
Internet Security Solutions Division
Hewlett-Packard Company
Tel: (404) 648-7381, Fax: (404) 648-9516
"SEVOUNTS,GARY (HP-USA,ex1)" <gary_sevounts@hp.com> 3/14/01

Here is the feedback from our General Manager - first time he saw it too!!!

-----Original Message-----
From: MEDRANO,ROBERTO (HP-Cupertino,ex1)
Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 12:14 PM
Subject: RE: AD Version 5

When do they go out in the publications? Why don't we use these at RSA?? The content is very good.
Roberto Medrano
General Manager
HP Internet Security Solutions Division



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