Testimonial #4

Our marketing communications division created a tri-fold brochure (and one update) for the Finnish Consulate for the Western United States. These brochures have received critical acclaim around the world (including from the Conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Esa-Pekka Salonen) and have been translated into many languages.

Client: Finnish Consulate, Los Angeles — Representative of the Finnish Government in the Western United States.

Location: Los Angeles , California.

Key Contact: Maria Serenius, then Consul General of Finland and Nicola Lindertz, then Deputy Consul General.

Project Scope: Created a tri-fold brochure to position Finland as a high-technology country with which US technology firms and organizations should do business.

Return on Investment: The orginal brochure was created $4,000. An update version was created a two of years later for $1,250. This has turned out to be one of their most successful communications, and has since been translated into different languages for consulates around the world.

Testimonial email:

Received: 05/19 11:13 PM
From: Serenius Maria, Maria.Serenius@formin.fi
To: 'irakalb', irakalb@KalbAssociates.com
Hei Ira
It is OK to use our name. The leaflet on Finland and the high tech has
been received very well indeed. We have got many thanks letters saying
that this is the first time it has been done in this way and that the
quality is good as well.
Best regards

Testimonial letter:

Date: April 24, 1998

Dear Ira,

Please find enclosed twenty copies of the brochure. We're very happy with the brochure and as I'm sure you've noticed, we keep quoting it whenever we have the opportunity!

Best regards,

Nicola Lindertz
Deputy Consul General

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