Testimonial #5

Qiagen, a world leader in providing products for genetic and molecular biology research and development, retained our consulting and training division to train their marketing, sales, and business managers over a four-year period. We also provided consulting and focus group services for both their corporate and US headquarters, and our marketing communications group created an ad for them that won a response award from Science Magazine. During our engagement, their sales and profits steadily climbed and their stock price quadrupled.


Client: Qiagen, Inc. — leading firm in the field of molecular biology that creates product for DNA, RNA and other molecular biology research and development.

Client Location: Dusseldorf, Germany and Valencia, California.

Key Contact: Joanne Crow, Former Director of Worldwide Marketing.

Project Scope: Consulting and Training in the areas of Marketing, Business Development, and Focus Group Market Research, and Developing an Ad that won an response award from Science Magazine.

Return on Investment: Total client investment in Kalb & Associates fees = $23,200 over two years. During that period, their sales and profits steadily climbed and their stock price more than quadrulpled.

Testimonial e-mail:

Date: 09/04 2:19 PM
Received: 09/04 1:51 PM
From: Joanne Crowe, j.crowe@qiagen.de
To: 'irakalb', irakalb@KalbAssociates.com
CC: Michael Kleist, DIAGEN/DIAGEN/michaelk@qiagen.de
Hi Ira,

Would there be any possibility to have you stay for 4 days in March? I saw your teaching commitments in your last e-mail, so I know you are very busy, but I think it might be good to run two separate courses while you are here. What do you think? I would like to run a more advanced marketing course ( a sort of follow on to the last one), and possibly something designed specially for the tech writers. Another possibility is to run yet another basic marketing training for all the new people. Your last course was so well received that several people told me I should insist that everyone in the company take it! Or we could do all three and have you stay for the week. I will talk to Michael Kleist about it as soon as I can, so you can confirm your plans. Let me know if you could stay for the whole week.

I hope all is well with you.
Best regards,


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