Testimonial #6

CMTC retained all of our divisions for numerous projects spanning a four-year period including consulting (developing their marketing plan), marketing communications, training, public speaking, and executive replacement where we served as the Director of Marketing until a permanent replacement was found. As a result of our efforts, revenues quadrupled and they expanded from one to six offices.


Client: CMTC — originally established by the State and Federal Governments to help small to mid-sized California manufacturers to be more successful.

Client Location: Torrance, California with satellite offices throughout Southern California.

Key Contact: David Braunstein, President and CEO.

Project Scope: Consulting in the areas of marketing, business development, and market research; Creating and conducting seminars for CMTC clients; Creating and managing a telemarketing team to generate and follow up on leads; Developing a Marketing Plan; Implementing plan strategies and Developing marketing communications to significantly expand business.

Return on Investment: Initial total client investment in Kalb & Associates fees = $57,000 over a 9-month period. During that period, their sales quadrupled, and increased from one main office to six offices throughout Southern California.

Testimonial letter:

November 26. 1997

To Whom It May Concern,

On July 27, 1995, we hired Ira S. Kalb as a marketing consultant for the California Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC).

Based on the consulting assistance he provided, CMTC's sales increased several fold within six months of the completion of his first project for us. Mr. Kalb has consistently exceeded our expectations. He is attentive to our requirements, flexible in his responses and overall has done an excellent job for CMTC.

We have developed a long-term relationship with Ira. Even thought we have hired a full-time Director of Marketing, we continue to employ him to provide marketing and sales consulting services for CMTC and our clients.


David Braunstein, President and Chief Executive Officer


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