Testimonial #8

Phenomenex hired us to provide marketing training and consulting for their headquarters in the Torrance, California and their subsidiary in Manchester, England. While cause and effect is difficult to establish in this case, their sales and profits have steadily climbed, and their employees continue to take courses from Ira S. Kalb at UCLA Extension.


Client: Phenomenex, Inc. — One of the world's largest manufacturers and marketers of products for the separation, analysis, and purification of chemicals and biochemicals.

Client Location: Torrance , California and Manchester, England.

Key Contacts: Fasha Majoor, CEO; Alex Gharagozlow, District Manager; and Richard Solomon, U.K. Sales Manager.

Project Scope: Training and consulting in the areas of marketing and business development.

Return on Investment: Total client investment in Kalb & Associates fees = $4,556.12. Everyone was very happy with our work, and while they do not have a system to measure ROI, sales and profits have increased dramatically, and they have expanded rapidly around the world.

Testimonial letter:

January 31, 1997

Dear Ira ,

I hope you arrived home to California safely after your extended trip.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your knowledge with my colleagues and I. Your well structured marketing course was very well received by everybody (as I am sure you could tell). Each person found many areas of benefit to their specific tasks.

I hope that in the future, you will have the opportunity to visit us again at Phenomenex Ltd. Please do keep me informed of any future courses that may be of interest to us.

Many thank for your recent visit.

Best wishes,

Richard Solomon
U.K. Sales Manager


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