Testimonial #9

GeneTree, a Division of Sorenson Genomics, hired us to provide high-technology marketing training for their top management and customer service personnel at their corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. While it is too early after the training session to establish any meaningful metrics, GeneTree management provided many positive comments about our services and tools exemplified by the e-mail below.


Client: GeneTree Division of Sorenson Genomics LLC. — One of the world's leading providers of DNA services for testing paternity, ancestry, family relationships, identity, crime scenes, Y-chromosome typing, and mtDNA sequencing.

Client Location: Salt Lake City , Utah.

Key Contacts: Terry Carmichael, VP Marketing and Sales and Douglas R. Fogg, Chief Operating Officer.

Project Scope: Training and consulting in the areas of marketing and business development.

Return on Investment: Total client investment in Kalb & Associates fees = $2,400. For these fees, the top management and customer service staff were trained in high-tech marketing and sales in a one-day session and Kalb & Associates Marketing Information System, Business Development, and Sales tools were provided.

Testimonial e-mail:

February 7, 2005

Hi Ira,

Thank you for sharing your information with us. As Doug Fogg, our COO,
stated, your presentation "exceeded expectations".

I never saw this QIAGEN ad, but I can see why it won the award.

FYI, after your presentation, our customer service has been more sales
oriented. I think that we will have a record phone sales month ahead of us.

It was great seeing you again. A workshop seems like a next step for us. I
would think that something in May would be good.

Let's plan on an April connection to discuss the next step.

Terry Carmichael
VP, Marketing and Sales


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