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“What clients say is more important than what we say about ourselves”

We are a client-focused company that is fortunate to have helped thousands of clients, students, and readers of our books since January of 1986 when Kalb & Associates, the first of our family of companies, was founded. In the interest of your time, we have provided only selected testimonials to give you more information upon which to base your decision to retain our services and or purchase our books, templates, and tools. If you wish additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Consulting Training Engagements

Ironware Technologies, Inc.largest independent reseller and installer of accounting and business software in Colorado

InterAccess Inc. one of the most successful Internet Service Providers in the Chicago area.

Hewlett-Packard one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of printer and computer hardware and software.

Finnish Consulate representing the Finnish Government in the Western United States.

Qiagenleading producer of products for research in DNA, RNA, and other areas of molecular biology.

CMTCthe California Manufacturing Technology Center provides consulting services to small to mid-sized manufacturers in California.

Rico International, Inc. the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of reeds and accessories for woodwind instruments.

Phenomenex, Inc. one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of products for the separation, analysis, and purification of chemicals and biochemicals.

GeneTree Division of Soreson Genomics LLC — a world leader in providing DNA Testing Services for numerous applications.

Real de Oaxaca — Oaxacan style restaurant and food products sold via the restaurant and online.

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