Selected Executive Training and Student Testimonial E-mails

We are very fortunate to have received literally hundreds of testimonial letters and e-mails regarding our training from company executives and university students. A small subset of the e-mails and electronic versions of letters is provided below.

1. Steve Bartlett

Date: 03/27 12:06 AM
Received: 03/27 8:30 AM
From: Steve Bartlett,
To: irakalb,
Thanks for keeping in touch - sending info of your courses etc.
It's Steve Bartlett here by the way. Attended your course in H.T. Marketing back in 95 along with Jirapa (from Thailand), who later became my wife in 97 and now is mother to our two children Suki and Jeremy. (just a concise update here)
Hope to make it to one of your courses someday, if we can find a trustworthy and tolerant babysitter :-)
Meanwhile, just informing you that your course helped make about $500K worth of sales last year of our OEM digital decoder module for MPEG/DolbyDTS Home Theater systems.
Keep us on the mailing list, and all the very best...

Steve, Jirapa, Suki and Jeremy Bartlett. class o 95

2. Sven Homan

Subject: Thanks to you
Sent: 6/24/96 8:01 AM
Received: 6/24/96 8:18 AM
From: 102646.2734@CompuServe.COM (Homan)
Dear Professor,
Thanks for your E-mail. I know I will repeat myself, but I cannot stress enough
how valuable I find your class, helping me in my current line of work and giving
me the intelectual background that will influence all my thinking in the future.
Class is well thought with many original insights and connections, what I find
particularly useful.
It was very nice from you to get us all together for a dinner. Thank you.
Let's stay in touch.Sincerely,
Sven Homan

3. Terry Carmichael, CEO of GeneTree

Hi Ira,
Thanks for the very good advice. It is much appreciated. Additionally, I
would like you to know that I enjoyed your class immensely, and I am
considering taking another, possibly your Zero-budget Marketing class,
next semester
Best wishes,

4. Timothy Howe, Bank of America
Date: 12/10 5:01 PM
Received: 12/10 5:03 PM
From: Timothy Howe,
To: irakalb,
Thanks. I believe I learned more from your class than from any of the others. I
hope you enjoy the holidays.
- Tim

5. Traci Shanahan

Date: 07/06 5:55 AM
Received: 07/27 5:22 PM
From: Traci Shanahan,
To: Ira Kalb,
Thanks so much for a great class!
It was such a great learning experience to finally incorporate logic into the
world of marketing! The rules and logical steps you gave us will be valuable
tools for my future projects.
I wish you the best of luck with everything and hope to see you in future
Best Regards,
Traci Shanahan

6. John Weede
Date: 12/13 11:13 PM
Received: 12/14 8:56 AM
From: John Weede,
To: Ira Kalb,
Ira Kalb,
I really enjoyed and learned from the class - your energy and enthusiasm for the subject made it all the more interesting. I'm trying to put some of the concepts to work, both in my present job, and in my search for a new one. I'm thinking of taking your High Tech Selling class next semester, but my wife is due with a baby on Jan 26th, so I'll have to play it by ear (I'm marketing the concept to her now). Thanks again, and have a great holiday.
Best regards,

7. Werner Eichholzer

Subject: I got a job
Date: 03/30 12:12 PM
Received: 03/30 8:41 PM
From: iliwer,
To: irakalb,
Hi Ira,
I have some good news, I finally got a job and it looks like it is a very
good one as well.
So now I am working for this small company, Rossi & Meier
Kommunikationsberatungs AG with about 25 employees as a promoter/key account manager and leader Marketing Service Center. Rossi & Meier (R&M) does all the direct marketing for Hewlett Packard Switzerland.
Initially I Applied for a sales position called promoter. As a promoter I
have to help/consult the HP dealers with their direct marketing and also sell the R&M's different direct marketing programs. This can range from sending a single flyer to the dealer, who in turn does with the flyer what ever wants to do with it, to the Lead Generation Machine (LGM). The LGM Program R&M sends out direct marketing mailings, follows up on the response card to qualify the lead. Once the lead is qualified, the dealer will have to continue...
During the final interview with Mr. Rossi, the owner of R&M realized that the promoter position is not enough of a challenge for me and therefore also put me in charge of the Marketing Service Center (MSC). Mr. Rossi also wants me to help him to start new projects. So I am 40 % promoter, 40 % leader MSC and 20 % available for new projects. This interview lasted over 3 hours, but it ended up being more of a conversation than an interview. Thanks to your marketing teachings I was able to get this job and as it looks be very successful at it.
In a nutshell that's about it. If you'd like to know more about what exactly I am doing just send me an e-mail.
I will later send you another e-mail about Mr. Rossi. He is a very
interesting, intelligent person who is too far ahead in terms of analyzing information from data-bases and making correlation outlines. With the information of the correlation outline he creates new concepts for how a customer can improve his marketing and a lot more. Mr. Rossi's problem is that people here do not understand what he is doing and thus he has a very difficult time selling his concepts. I hope I will be able to help him to sell these concepts.
So that's enough.
Again thank you very much for teaching me marketing and for your great letter of recommendation.
With best regards
Werner Eichholzer
PS.: I wish you a successful trip to Finland (Europe ?)

8. David Gould
November 20, 1996
Robert Lapiner - Dean of U.C.L.A. Extension
10995 Le Conte Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90064
Dear Dean Lapiner:
I have been attending extension classes at U.C.L.A. for the past year to
improve my business acumen. I started by enrolling in Ira Kalb's class which
is geared toward small business. I have since taken two additional classes
with him and am currently taking his course in high tech marketing. With his
help I have improved both personally and professionally. His approach to
teaching is both unique and effective and has given me ideas I will carry
with me throughout my business life. His caring attitude and concern for his
students makes him a valuable asset to the school. I commend U.C.L.A. for
giving me the opportunity to learn from such a talented instructor.

David Gould

9. Alexander Kuklin, Qiagen

Date: 02/17 5:00 PM
Received: 02/17 9:48 AM
From: Alexander Kuklin,
To: Ira Kalb,
This is Alexander froM your Hi-tech markerting class. I used to work for
QIAGEN. If you remember I informed you about my plans to move up North
with my family.
I did find a job. I found it not only because of my biotech experience
but also because I took your class. It helped me not only find a job but
be confident with what I will be doing!
I will continue my education in marketing. I will keep in touch.
By the way, what wine do you drink? Red, white, preferences.

10. Andrea Leuprecht IMP.VCAAL@MEMO.VOLVO.SE
--- Received from IMP.VCAAL +43 1 70128 1222 01-03-23 15:23Dear Ira,
first of all how are you? I hope very well and your business is doing
great. I miss the UCLA and for sure especially your courses!
As you can see along with my new email-adress I started working for
the car company VOLVO as WebInformationManager in Austria. So, your
work as a teacher helped me a lot to get this job.
Thanks a lot and best regards to you
Andrea, the Austrian student
---- 01-03-23 15:23 ---- Sent to -------------------------------
-> irakalb(a)

11. Peter Jan
Dear Prof. Kalb,
Thank you very much for this class of e-marketing, this has been a wonderful
experience for me. I have enjoyed the content, and I have seen your display
of professionalism, and it has helped me refocus myself with my work and
private life. I have long believed in this system of marketing, but through
out my career in Asia, I have been skewed to believe otherwise. It was a
good thing to come back to school for a break after 10 years. I love your
way of presentation; mean, lean, to the point, and at time, knows when to
relax, a characteristic I have been working on myself for a long time. I
like a tough class, a tough challenge, however, I have to apologize that I
might not have given you the best of myself. Nonetheless this has been a
win/win experience for me, and I appreciate your efforts deeply.
If you ever in need of some kind of connection or help in China, I have been
there since 92 and a total of 6-7 years with 2-3 years of interval in Japan
and Taiwan. I will do my best to be a sales army for you, and I believe one
day you will be mysales army as well.
Peter Jan
China Cellular:86-13906018298
PS. I believe you when you told me that you have a 70% reply rate when you
write a letter to a big company. I get about 20-30%, and I thought I was

12. Sydne McMahon, IndyMac
Good Morning! Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to teach us
what you have learned. I really enjoyed your class and already know it will
benefit me in my career.
Keep in touch,
IndyMac Bank.... Bureaucracy BEWARE!
Sydne McMahon
Sr Marketing Research Coordinator
B2B Marketing
Phone: (626) 535-5128
Fax: (626)535-4066

13. Bernadine Bednarz, Director of Marketing, Kroll Associates
Date: 01/13 10:53 AM
Received: 01/13 11:39 AM
From: Bernadine Bednarz,
To: irakalb, irakalb@KalbAssociates.comLast night I went to a Strategic Marketing class at UCLA at Universal.
Great setting.
There were some women in class who were talking about you and raving about
your Saturday class. You're the Man!

14. Bev Ventriss
Date: 09/15 2:51 PM
Received: 09/15 3:29 PM
From: Bev Ventriss/Hal Shafer,
To: '',
Dear Ira:
A long overdue note to tell you how much I enjoyed your class last month at
UCLA. I found the material you shared to be outstanding and have read it
over several times.
I'm in the middle of a job search now, but you'll be the first person I
call to discuss a marketing proposal once I've accepted a new position!
Again, great job, Ira. I'll be checking your web site for future classes
that you'll be teaching. (although I received my master's from Annenberg's at USC, I'm still a Bruin
at heart, having earned my BA from UCLA.)
Best wishes,
Beverly Ventriss

15. Carla Pedrussian
Date: 06/23 2:20 PM
Received: 06/23 2:28 PM
From: Carla Pedrussian,
To: Ira Kalb,
Hi Ira, how are you?
First of all I‚d like to let you know that I came from Brazil last summer
for the certificate program at UCLA Extension and, unfortunately yours were
my last class, because otherwise I could have followed you along the
quarters. I took several marketing courses and for sure yours were the best.
Actually, It amazed me how after so many marketing classes I still could
learn so much in your class.
For now, I’m looking for a job opportunity for my practical training, and
hopefully if I get that here in LA I’ll be able to enroll in some of your
other courses during the next quarters. I have no doubt it’s the best
investment I can make to myself as well as my career.
That said, I’d like to ask you two things. First, last class I completely
forgot about the yellow/grade card. So, if it‚s possible I‚d appreciate if
you send me my grade by e-mail. Second, I‚m interested in learning about the
American Airlines‚ answer to your second complain.
So, thanks for everything.
Carla Pedrussian

16. Maria Björner Brauer, MBA Student Copenhagen Business School
Thanks a lot for some interesting lectures last week. Unfortunately I had to
leave mid Thursday, so I missed part of it.
I think your message was very good and your way of presenting it too, I was
very inspired. In fact I would like to buy a copy of your book "Selling
hi-tech Products and Services". I tried to order it from Amazon but that
didn't work. Is there any other way I could get a copy?
Best Regards
Maria Björner Brauer
LMI Technologies
GEMBA student (CBS)

17. Chad Rutt
Date: 12/12 7:54 AM
Received: 12/12 8:52 AM
From: Chad Rutt,
To: Ira Kalb,
Thank you for all of the great feedback on my final project. It was
definitely above and beyond the call of duty for you to provide me with such
an in depth look into my marketing outline. I know you were under a tight
schedule to get grades in and projects graded. It is refreshing to know
that there is still a professor out there who is willing to go the extra
mile for their students.
Have a great trip to Finland and I will speak with you upon your return.
Thanks again,

18. John Chernekoff
Date: 04/03 10:52 AM
Received: 04/03 12:53 PM
From: John Chernekoff,
To: Ira Kalb,
Hi Ira:
I didn't get a chance on Friday after class (I was late for an appointment)
to tell you that I really enjoyed the class and material you presented in
"High Tech. Marketing....". At this point, it has got me questioning a lot
of what we are and are not doing here (for example, our position strategy
on various products, our multi-channel distribution issues, our company
slogan,.....). That is a starting point, and as I review the material, I
plan to apply things learned. This is new area of the business to me (been
a design engineer my entire career), so the course is timely. I'll let you
know how any implementation of the course material works out. Thanks again.
John Chernekoff
Engineering Manager
Fisher Research Laboratory

19-1. Karen Hassett, Manager of Custom Programs, UCLA commenting on teaching of Government Officials from Chongqing, China

From: Hassett, Karen
Sent: Monday, June 09, 2003 3:53 PM
To: Burris, Frank; Cherif, Karim; Hunt, Pat; Brooks, Elizabeth; Freilich, Joanne
Cc: Byun, Elizabeth; Altamura, Marilyn; Bailey, Renita; Werner, Terry; Burnes, Richard; Hori, Yumi; Shumate, Laura
Subject: De-Brief on Fifth Week of UTStarcom training
Hello Everyone,
Here is the latest update on our training program last week.
We are already into our second month and last week Karim Cherif's instructors began Business Fundamentals training.
Ira Kalb, one of the instructors, was received very highly and was dynamic and engaging. They appreciated his real-life examples in illustrating the important points and it made the concepts he was explaining more tangible.
This lead into a "retail-oriented" field trip and Ira continued to provide the lecture support to their trip to Office Depot, Costco, Bristol Farms, Trader Joe's and Office Depot. The students learned about product selection, distribution and operations as well as enjoyed seeing the variety of American food products.
Once again, thank you for all your efforts with this great program.

19-2. Bob (English name)

Dear Ira S. Kalb (Lao Kai):
I'd like to let you know that you are an excellent instructor who gave me the deepest impression during the three months courses. I learnt a lot from your lectures that I can practise in my future work. I miss all the times you stayed with us and I hope you'll have the chance to visit Chongqing,China sometimes later so I can see you again.

I wish to receive your E-mails like the ones you gave us during the past times,I appreciate it very much.
Best wishes

China Telecom
Customer First Service Foremost

19-3. Johnson (English name)

Dear Lao Kai,

We the 20 guys have been back in Chongqing for 3 weeks. I'm almost buried in my day-to-day work and I miss my days at UCLA extension. You are a good teacher, I want to hear from you from time to time.E-mail helps to narrow Pacific Ocean between us.

Good Ol' boys
One of yours
Johnson Zhang

19-4. Hans (Western name)

We were happy meeting U again at the Graduation Ceremony, I'll remember what you have taught us, also we'll miss our Laokai very much. U are the first American I ever met who is very kind and friendly to us

Hope to see U in China,in Chongqing!
See You!


19-5. Julia (English name)
Hi dear professor,
We will leave here tomorrow morning. We will miss you too. We hope we can meet in Chongqing, our beautiful city°£
Julia, July25th, 2003

19-6. Hugh (English name)
Dear professor Kalb,
I miss you very much. We have come back Chongqing for more than three months.I really learnt a lot of knowledge and information from you and other professors in UCLA.In your class every classmate enjoyed a happy time.You cared about us and sent many e-mails to us.You try your best to help us learn more about America and management.
I am very sorry I did not write to you very soon. Because I am very busy all the time. Even my classmates in Chongqing can not meet together wholly.Please forgive my disrespect.I think some day when you come to Chongqing you will feel our ardentness.
Here I send a picture of mine to you.The woman at the right side is my wife.The best wishes from my family to yours.
Thank you again for your kind help.

20. Christer Vidjeskog and Dick Gronholm (3 separate e-mails)
Subject: About that job
Sent: 5/22/96 6:33 AM
Received: 5/22/96 9:15 AM
From: User Christer,
Dear Ira,
You have really inspired both of us to do something with marketing and
sales, so I guess I will not work too much with engineering, once I graduate.
I really feel that I have learned a lot in your marketing class, maybe
even more than in the sales class. It is too bad that I cannot take any
other classes from you, but I will make sure that I will buy that book
to the entrepreneur class.
OK, Ira I will see you tomorrow.

Subject: Hi Ira!
Sent: 4/20/97 9:54 PM
Received: 4/20/97 4:01 PM
From: Dick K Gr|nholm,
To: Ira S. Kalb,

Hello Ira,
I just got a job at a company called Tecnomen. The idea is for me to do my masters thesis there. The subject is not clear yet, but I'm working there now and I have for a month. I'm at the same stage as Christer and he was successful at getting a Masters thesis job as well, actually for the same company. Tecnomen makes paging systems for telephone operators as well as multi messaging systems and stuff like that.
When preparing for the interview a lot of the things you taught were to much use
for me and I could see that the interviewer were impressed with the answers I gave him. I was very confident during the interview, which I didn't think was going to be possible.
It went really well. I'm convinsed that taking your classes helped me a lot in getting this job and I want to thank you for it.
You seem to have a busy period going right now. Lots of work and also in Europe (Germany). Well, don't forget to relax.
Well Ira, take care. I hope you have a pleasant stay in Germany.
Bye for now, Dick.
Hi Ira,
I am glad to hear that you are doing good! Besides being able to sell Finland with the help of the brochure you can also sell your own services. I guess you figured that one out already...!
They have promised great weather for today and the rest of the weekend, sunny and 15C. I know that 15C is nothing for you, but it sure feels great here after the long winter.
By the way, I wrote a cover letter to an offer I will give to a prospective customer in Croatia next week. Another person here at Tecnomen read the letter and he thought it should be one of the generic documents here at Tecnomen. I just put down the clear benefits of the Tecnomen's solution. In a way you taught me using the benefits and KISS method.
OK, I need to get some work done. It is really great that you will soon be back in Finland again!

21. Christi Foster, Microsoft
Date: 01/11 11:35 PM
Received: 01/12 8:47 AM
From: Christi Foster,
To: '',
Hi Ira. I attended your "Selling High Tech Services & Products" class
tonight. I was the gal who was hanging out with Kurt, the "Microsoft" guy.
Class was great. I found your real life examples trickled throughout the
class to be very helpful...really made the course material come to life. In
addition, the concepts that you teach are directly applicable to my job. I
am so glad that you're taking the time to teach the course. See you next
week! I look forward to learning more.


P.S. By the way, due to business travel, I will have to miss around 3
classes (mostly in Feb). I'm really sorry about that but I'll get the notes
from someone else.

P.P.S. I'm the one that recommended the course to Kurt. He'll do a fine
job, I'm sure. He's a great guy.
Christine B. Foster
Corporate Account Executive
Southern California
Office: (310) 449-7415

22. Dana Moldovan, Genoa Technologies

Date: 12/12 6:59 PM
Received: 12/12 3:17 PM
From: Dana Moldovan,
To: '',
Sorry that I could not make it to the last class yesterday. I would like to
tell you that the class was very useful for me and I think you did a
wonderful job.
The company that I work for is going through a big process of
reorganization and restructuring and I think that you can help us.
If you are interested in doing some consulting for Genoa Technology, I
would like to set up a conference call with you to discuss more details.
Is it possible to have the conference call on Monday December 15 in the
afternoon ?
Thank You,
Dana Moldovan
Genoa Technology

23. Della Wu
Date: 01/05 5:42 PM
Received: 01/05 9:56 AM
From: Della Wu,
To: 'Ira S. Kalb',
I just wanted to write to thank you for taking the time to encourage
and share with me and the class what you have learned in the world of
marketing. Having graduated with a degree in journalism/public
relations, I used to write all my news releases and newsletters from a
journalistic point of view. Although the same basic concepts still
apply, the first question that now pops into my mind is "what is the
benefit?" I think it's helped to improve the quality of my work
greatly. Thanks again. Take care.

24. Diane Bonnet
Dear Ira
I've enjoyed this class but more than that I really appreciate it. From
our studies and research , we know that structure is essential in
storytelling and your structure makes so much sense in marketing.
It has completely changed our point of view - from "this is what we have
that you should know" to "how can we help you achieve what you want to
achieve?" We believed in the validity of our teaching but now that our
brochure is finished, our ad is almost ready and our website is close, we
feel even more confident about the prospects for the business.
This was a very challenging class-- for the students because the material is
demanding and difficult and for you because the students were demanding and
difficult (and from many cultures and languages.) But as a student, it was
well worth the effort.
I took this class for no credit because pass/fail was not offered. But I
feel I worked hard to understand and apply the concepts, I learned a lot and I am pleased with the results.
My best to you,Diane Bonnet
"Creating Marketing Materials that Sell"

25. Jeff Beck
Date: 02/08 9:11 PM
Received: 02/08 11:30 PM
From: Jeff,
To: irakalb,
Dear Ira,
Thank you for conducting a great class. I know I will be able put into
action much of what you taught. I am looking forward to letting you know
in one year how this information has helped.
I will be sure to contact you if I need your assistance and I will keep
you up to date on the progress of my venture. I will also be an active
participant in your sales army.
Thank you again,
Jeff Beck

26. Megan Schnaid
Date: 02/08 6:09 PM
Received: 02/08 11:30 PM
From: Megan Schnaid,
To: Ira Kalb,
Thank you so much for your seminar last saturday. The entire room seemed to
love you, and so did I. Thank you for giving us all those ideas and all that
I am a Social Psychology student, with a business minor, at USC and am in
the process of gathering research for my career path. The topics you
covered were not only relevant but also great leads. You spoke about a
company called TARP, and I went to thier web page and found an exciting
company (called that would be ideal for a summer internship.
I also liked your statement that reality equals perception. I have already
found that to be true in many aspects of life, but even more so when you are
involved in marketing.
My sense is that you have not only vitalized the classroom but you have
embued your company with the same qualities. That is a management
achievement of which you should be exceptionally proud. (IF you are ever
feeling beaten down some day - give me a call and I'll remind you of what a
great job you are doing and of it's importance. I'm a fan.)
My sincere thanks on behalf of the seminar students and myself,
Megan Schnaid

27. Eric Larson, Infostreet
Date: 02/07 5:36 PM
Received: 02/07 9:04 PM
From: Eric Larson,
To: irakalb,
Hi Ira,
And my thanks to you.
As always, I really enjoyed your class. What you present is very clear as
well as entertaining.
One of these days, I'm sure my travels will take me to a place that require
your services. I'll definitely keep you in mind.
Best regards,

28. Elizabeth Cronin

Subject: Re: Summer Courses
Sent: 5/16/97 7:29 PM
Received: 5/16/97 3:47 PM
From: Elizabeth Cronin,
Thank you for the information on the upcoming classes. I am getting a lot
out of your present course, and I'm sorry the one student is so annoying.
The two women who sit next to me have also said they are enjoying the course
and believe it is one of the better marketing classes they have attended.
Specifically, the class has helped me gain a greater sense of the strengths
of our business - I already know the weaknesses. In fact, your seminar
presentation gave me the idea of having an open house invitation accompany
our mailer (which is not in dummy form yet.) I realized that two students, a
physician and teacher, would be very willing to discuss the benefits of our
business. Logisticially, I'll have to decide whether they should give
"talks" or just be present. Unfortunately, when I pitched the idea a concern
that no one would show up came up, but I think it is worth a try.
Elizabeth Cronin
P.S. a S.C.O.R.E. counselor recently told me that if we are losing our
students we should cut our prices to match competitors. When I told him I
didn't think price was a key factor in decision-making, and it would be very
difficult to cut our prices, he replied that maybe we shouldn't be in
business. Thank goodness classes like yours exist to wash away such
simplistic answers.

29. Sami Ensio, Ericsson
Subject: Re: New Email Address
Sent: 5/27/96 9:22 PM
Received: 5/27/96 4:25 PM
From: Sami Ensio,
To: Ira S. Kalb,
It's quite cold here. Usually it's much warmer at this time of year.
Anyway summer is coming, and it's very nice. Winter is always so freezing
and dark.
I got my first "real" job. I will start may 3rd working in L M Ericsson.
I will do the multimedia strategy for Ericsson. I think, it will be
very interesting.
I took contact to three companies I was most interested. They all called
me for an interwiev. It was very good situation because I could choose the
company I wanted. I finally chose Ericsson because the job was the most
interesting one. All the other offers were very good anyway. I got a
very good deal in financially too. My professor was very proud.
Thanks to you. I am sure that I learnt a lot from you about marketing
myself. Before interviews I looked at the note book we made in your selling
class, and I remembered all marketing things. It was very useful. Your
classes were probably one of the main reasons I got so good contract.
OK. Now I go to bed. It is already over midnight here and I have to wake
up at 7.30. I will write some day more when I know my new e-mail address
in Ericsson and other things.
Have a nice summer there. I think there is now really HOT! I hope the sun
will shine here also ;-)
Best regards,
Sami Ensio

30. Eric Xu, Qiagen
Date: 01/02 7:43 PM
Received: 01/02 3:54 PM
From: Yong Xu,
To: irakalb,
Hi Ira,
One of the things I learned from the class and I used with quite success
is "setting up test situation and passing these tests". By simply using
this techniques, I have been able to win customers, the trust and
loyalty, one at a time. I want to thank you for introducing a complete
frame work to me who have absolutely no sales experience. And now I
feel comfortable in sales.
Have a great day.
P.S. please feel free to use me as positive testimonial.

31. Rodrigo Gonzalez
Hi Ira,

This is Rodrigo Gonzalez, a former student since the last Tuesday. I just wanted to say thank you because with you I've learned more than the usual classes in UCLA. You've been one of the best teachers I've ever had.

I want also to apologize for my lack of participation in the class but English is not my first language and sometimes, because of this, I feel very shy.

Although I'm going to finish the marketing program I would like to take another class with you. But this depends if I find an interesting job here (more than LA restaurant Jobs), otherwise I would have to go back to Spain.

I hope to join your "$25 Millions profits club" in the future. I'll let you know.

Best regards.
Thank you, Ira.

32. Donovan Mauga
I really learned a tremendous amount about the exciting and sometimes frustrating world of business. I find the subject fascinating and challenging and found your lifetime HomeWork assignment to be very fitting.
My friends and coworkers sometimes tease me because I do (1) Read a lot
(Business Related and other interests) (2) Learn a lot (i.e., continuously
take business classes, seminars on leadership). I'm slowly starting to feel
the (3rd) homework assignment...............convincing myself that I will be
successful in my new career change (Business).
Thanks again,
Donovan Mauga

33. Sean Olesen
Just to update you on my progress, after taking your FBAM course at the
beginning of this year, I have enrolled in the Yale School of Management as
an MBA candidate in the Class of 2005. While my goals are to head into the
arena of international finance, after taking your course, I have decided to
also keep my eyes out for marketing topics that might integrate with my
I took your course to get my head back into the academic realm as
preparation for my entrance into business school, but found that I took a
lot more out than I had expected.
Thanks for taking the time to teach at UCLA. Though I am now affiliated with
Yale, I will always be a Bruin!
How is everything with you? I believe when you were teaching the course I
attended, you were working on a pharmaceutical client in Sweden. How did
that turn out?
Thanks again.
Sean Olesen
Yale School of Management, Class of 2005
UCLA, Class of 2000

34. Tanja Ruohonen
Subject: Hello Ira!
Sent: 2/3/97 10:22 AM
Received: 2/3/97 8:01 AM
From: Tanja Ruohonen,
I just wanted to thank you once more for the great marketing course. I
really enjoyed it and learned more than during the whole program so far!
Thanks :) Tanja Ruohonen,

35. Janne Korhonen
Subject: Re: Hello
Sent: 2/3/97 9:29 AM
Received: 2/3/97 8:01 AM
From: Janne Korhonen,
To: Ira S. Kalb,
Well hi,
It was nice to hear from you hear after the course. In the beginning, I
have to just say that I really enjoyed your course and your way of teaching.
So, I had great time.
You wrote that you had a very pleasant return in many ways. That's good
because then we still have a chance to see you again here in Finland. If
not during the winter time, then MAYBE on summer.
Mirka wanted to send greetings for you. I hope all the best for you and I
look forward seeing you again in the future.
Janne Korhonen <>
Hiidenpolku 1 A 2
50100 Mikkeli
tel: +358-50-5260140

36. Fred Wellers, Ansys Sales Manager
Date: 09/16 5:39 PM
Received: 09/16 2:35 PM
From: Fred Wellers,
To: irakalb,
Thank you for your kind note regarding my participation in the SSC Sales
Training. For my part, I thought you conducted an excellent session that
was perceived by all the attendees to have quite a lot of value for their
ongoing efforts. For myself, I found it an excellent refresher!
Good Selling!

37. Gary Sevounts, Symantec
Subject: Re: Mail List you Requested
Sent: 6/14/96 4:11 AM
Received: 6/13/96 11:22 PM
From: Gary_Sevounts/
To: Ira S. Kalb, Thanks a lot for your last E-Mail message.
Just want to thank you for all your effort and time in teaching this
wonderful class. It was very interesting and helpful. You helped me
discover the world of Marketing, which has changed the way I look at
I became really interested in Marketing and Advertising. I am going to
get a Certificate from UCLA Extension in Marketing and Advertising. And
YES, I will be looking forward for your future classes.
Another thing I have in my mind is to create a Master-mind group with a
couple of people in our group. By meeting once a week and sharing our
success stories in our business lifes, by helping each other with advice
and friendly support - all of us can reach a lot in the future.
This is how Big 6 of Chicago succeeded big time. Some of them were: Mr.
William Wrigley Jr., Mr. Hertz (Yellow Taxi Cab Co), etc. All of them
started without any capital on the basis of meeting every Saturday and
discussing every man's major purpose.
But those plans are for future.
Thanks again for all invaluable knowledge that I picked up during your
Gary Sevounts
Date: 02/26 5:28 PM
Received: 02/26 9:51 AM
From: Gary Sevounts,
To: Ira Kalb,
Have a great and safe trip to Europe. I wish you to have a lot of fun.
I haven't talk to you for a while, but I remember you every time I use the
principles you tought me.
Now I am responsible for Product Management, Marketing Communications,
Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Partnerships
and many more things in the company I work for. I directed the creation of our
web site too. It is
Ira, thanks again for your great classes and training. I would be nowhere
without them.
Your friend,
Gary Sevounts

39. Greg Davis

Date: 06/07 11:19 AM
Received: 06/07 12:14 PM
From: Greg Davis,
To: Ira Kalb,
a career engagement this evening will prevent me
from attending tonights class. I am thoroughly enjoying
the course and derive so much excellent information from
it that I can't help but feel that I am doing myself a
disservice by missing even one session.
I have attached my homework below and will be happy to
bring a hardcopy to next weeks class if necessary.
Thank you, Greg Davis

40. Guy Levy
I am working as the Assistant Director for UCLA Student Media and currently train sales staff, develop marketing/branding material and promotions as well as oversee the business side of our media. In case you are wondering, these media include: the UCLA Daily Bruin (print & on-line), News Magazines (seven of them),,, UCLA TV Channel 29, and the BruinLife Yearbook. I still use and teach aspects from your marketing/ad design course I took from you three years has helped me great deal in all aspects of what I do. My experience with Student Media has been invaluable, but I long for something that can focus and appreciate my skills (both realized and unrealized), make better money and give someone or some company a ten fold return on their investment in me. So, I'm doing well and appreciate what you
have taught me. How and what are you doing?

41. Robert Guzak, Direct TV
Tina and I are doing well, but it's been pretty crazy planning for our wedding in October. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to get your address so that we can send you an invitation.
How are you doing? How is the teaching going? I would imagine that you stay pretty busy with everything you have going on. I have to tell you Ira that out of all the classes that I took at USC, yours (Advertising) proved to be one of the most valuable and fun courses that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. The thing I liked most about it is that you pushed us, you didn't let us off the hook on anything, and at the same time you made it fun. That type of training proves to be useful over and over again in the real business world. You don't find that in a lot of classes.
Anyway, thank you for keeping in touch. I hope that you and your family are doing well.


42. Hermann Eichholzer
Date: 03/06 12:55 AM
Received: 03/06 8:12 AM
From: Hermann Eichholzer,
To: Ira Kalb,
Hi Ira,
I am writing you to thank you for being such a superb and positive
influence on my career choice, Marketing. The passion with which you
have professed Marketing was and still is very contagious and I am
sharing that passion, which is the sole reason for my career choice.
Now, that I am doing my research for Human Resource Marketing˛ and
investigate the relationship between human resource and marketing I find
that your Marketing concepts and philosophies are "way ahead" of
everybody else. Understanding this I have come to the conclusion that I
was not academically capable nor ready to appreciate or understand the
depth and completeness of your work.
My research allows me to become absorbed with this specific topic and it
does not matter what I read, I always find parallels between what I have
learned from you and what I am reading for my research.
Ira, I just have come to the conclusion that you are a Marketing Guru
and your books therefore must be bibles.
I hope you are doing well!
Hermann Eichholzer, Annenberg School of Communications, USC

43. Henty Blomqvist
Date: 04/19 1:17 PM
Received: 04/19 1:27 PM
From: Henri Blomqvist,
To: Ira Kalb,
Hello Sir!
I am writing to you because I wanted to let you know that your personal
selling course has already helped me tremendously. I got a summer job by
using the methods you taught us during the course. I sent my CV to the
National Road Administration. They have a policy of not taking people to
work for them just for the summer, but my CV got their attention and they
agreed to see me in their exports department. In the meeting I presented
all of my skills as a benefit to them. Because they operate in an
international environment the working language is English. The National
Road Administration offers to build different kinds of highway and bridge
projects mostly in the former socialistic countries, because obviously
their roads and bridges are in a terrible shape. Well anyway, I got their
attention when I told them that I have taken several marketing and sales
courses and that I speak fluent English and Swedish. At the end of the
meeting they offered me a position in their sales team. Our job is to make
the actual offers attractive to the customers after the engineers have
completed their calculations. And I really need those personal selling
skills a lot because they want me to meet the customers at the Helsinki
airport. And they really stressed the matter that I am the first person of
their organization that the customers are going to meet. So I guess I
looked sharp enough in the meeting because they want me to take care of
some pretty important customers. I just thought that you might want to know
that at least for me the course really paid off.
Henri Blomqvist

44. Marja Jahi-Salo, Assistant Dean, Helsinki School of Economics

Subject: Re: Teaching
Sent: 2/17/97 9:21 AM
Received: 2/17/97 9:35 AM
From: Marja Jahi-Salo,
To: Ira S. Kalb,
Hi Ira,
Thank you very much for your message. Our schedule is quite set for August
this year. We offer only required courses at that time. We start to offer
electives soon after that, but earliest dates we have available are in
December and then next winter and spring. If I remember right, you
suggested Sales Management course as an elective and that is something we
might think of offering as an elective around March for example. How is your
schedule next spring?
You got really good feedback from students and there were a couple of them,
who mentioned your course the best they had had.
Thank you for teaching in our program and looking forward to hearing from
you soon.
Best wishes,Marja

45. Susanna Jokinen
Date: 10/05 12:21 PM
Received: 10/05 9:27 AM
From: Susanna Jokinen,
To: Ira Kalb,
Dear Ira,

My Dad asked me for advice when his company put out an employment
ad in yesterday's Helsingin Sanomat. I gave him a couple of hints from
what I had learned from you and he liked them a lot. Like writing from
the reader's point of view, not just saying what the company wants but
more what the reader wants, what's in it for him. The phone's been
ringing all day, he said, so it did work! Thanks!

46. Salla Immonen and Tarja Salo

Subject: Tarja and Salla
Sent: 2/27/97 10:19 AM
Received: 2/27/97 9:02 AM
From: Salla Immonen,
Now we are having Mangerial Finance course. And to be honest, this is not as
much fun as your Marketing Management course. We really did enjoy your
All our best to you. Keep in touch with us. We hope to see you next year
here in Mikkeli.
Bye! Tarja and Salla

47. Timo Salmi, MBA student Helsinki School of Economics
Date: 04/05 5:03 PM
Received: 04/05 12:42 PM
From: Matti Salmi,
To: Ira Kalb,
Dear Ira,
We thought to let you know how we managed at Benefon on Tuesday. The visit
was very nice and successful. They took us as consultants and were very
interested in the things we had to tell them. They had reserved only one
hour for us but the time was extended to two hours which is a lot
considering their busy schedule.
We told them exactly the same things as we went through with you last week.
They were so pleased with our comments that they asked if we would be able
to continue cooperation in the future - they also asked for job
applications! We'll see where all this leads to. Now we just wait for their
comments on the papers we gave them.
I have to admit that a lot of the credit belongs to you. You gave us so good
tools to work with that now we all are actually able to do something related
to marketing and be able to say what works and what doesn't. Like Paivi
said, after this course we would be able to cope in a position of a
marketing manager. But nothing beats experience. After a couple more
projects we might have a little more of it.
Thank you once again for a marketing course that opened my eyes. Before this
course I was one of those who saw marketing as something magical. Now I
understand that it follows some clear rules and I know many of those rules.
Hopefully you can enjoy now the warmth of the Californian climate. The
weather is getting warmer here but the spring is still to come. It would be
nice to hear of you every now and then.
Timo Salmi

48. Tom Simonds, CEO of InterAccess
Date: 04/17 11:57 AM
Received: 04/17 1:38 PM
From: Tom Simonds,
To: irakalb,
CC: Beatrix Richman,
Dan Throgmorton,
Karim Cherif,
My company made #66 on the INC
500 list for 1999 and will probably be a winner in October for 2000, albeit
a much worse rank. Ira's class, himself, and his various books I've bought
have been a tremendous source of help both from business basics to advanced
stuff. I also took a small business finance class which was all you really
needed to get a business going until the first attempt at serious bank
Tom Simonds InterAccess Co.
President Data CLEC offering DSL & Internet Services
F)312-496-4498 tom@interaccess.comMonday, July 3, 2000
Hi Ira,
Well, you can be extra proud of me. Tell your students that one of your
disciples went on to make $22M seven years after taking your class and
reading all your books.
Your zero budget marketing book, by the way, was
very effective. In fact many of our zero budget efforts and produce far
better results than our very expensive efforts.

49. V. Toy
Thanks for the note. Wow... what a nice surprise to see you're doing some teaching work at UCLA. It's such a small world... I took a marketing class with you the very first term you taught at USC back in the early 1990s (1991, I think). Upon graduation, I worked in Advertising for 6 years and then went back for my MBA at the Anderson School and recently graduated last year in 2000.
To this day, I still have some of your old marketing class materials and have never forgotten your valuable lessons (e.g., network like crazy). I even ran across an old project we did with the US Olympics Committee with one of your colleagues/friends. Wow, that was nearly 10 years ago!

V. Toy

50. Yessy Pertamisari

Date: 12/26 8:47 AM
Received: 12/26 8:57 AM
From: Yessy Pertamisari,
To: Ira Kalb,
Dear Ira,
I think you're one of the kind and best teacher I've ever have. I had really enjoyed your class, everything included the way you thaught us..I received a lot of information by
having your really valuable articles. I sent some of those articles to my boss at my previous job, because we still keep seeing each other through e-mail. I think those knowledge and articles that you shared with us as your student are really meant something for enhancing my future career. You put me in having so much interest in learning more about Marketing while I haven't touch that area before (I used to work
in operation field.. Well, I hope sometime I could have you again as one of my instructor..
By the way, Merry Christmas for you and all of your family...
Have a good day
See you...


51. Maria Björner Brauer
Dear Ira,
I really like your book (high-tech sales), just like I liked your lecture in LA.
Kindest regards
Maria Björner Brauer

52. Patrick Brown, Imergent Media Limited
Imergent Media Limited
50 John Street, Suite 1507
Toronto Ontario
M5V 3T5
Friday, November 7, 2003
Ira Kalb
2618 Montana Avenue, Suite One
Santa Monica, CA USA
Dear Ira,
This is just another thank you letter to add to the pile, but I am sure that you are content to keep that pile growing. I just wanted to take a moment and fill you in on what I have been up to over the last four months, and express to you how much the classes that I had with you at UCLA have helped me.
After finishing my year in Los Angeles I returned to Canada - Toronto specifically, and started a business that I worked on as a project in your Fundamentals of Business class. Each of the four classes that I took from you has had a significant impact on the way I have organized this business. The coarse texts, along with the notes have become my best references, usually a daily occurrence. Not only have you given me the knowledge to start a business, but more significantly you have given me the confidence to make it work.
Though I have long road ahead, things have been going well and I must give credit where credit is do. I hope that others will benefit in the future in the same way that I have from your courses. And I appreciate you keeping me on some of the e-mail lists.
Enclosed in this letter is a digital brochure of my company, a work in progress but I think it will give you an idea as to what I have been up to.
Best wishes,
Patrick Brown
Project Manager
Imergent Media Limited
The enclosed CD ROM is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP or better. It is navigated in much the same fashion as a website. If you have any questions you can reach me directly at (416) 977-2689.


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