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What's New

Publications. Ira S. Kalb's book the DNA of Marketing received more positive reviews in the press.

Marketing Tip. As the economy slows, too many companies cut their marketing budgets because they look at marketing as a cost rather than an investment. If you really must cut your marketing budget, you can practice zero-budget marketing techniques, but whatever you do, don't do less marketing. More marketing is required to counteract the drag of a weakened economy.

What's wrong with this picture? Starbucks announcing that it considering offering $1 coffee with unlimited refills.

Good move. Louis Vuitton and Gucci raising prices.

Bad move. Oil companies raising prices even higher. As they get more greedy and continue generating obscene profits, they will “kill the goose that lays the golden eggs” and energize alternative energy efforts.

What's Not

Yahoo!'s continued inability to properly monetize their Web traffic. If they want to be acquired or partner with someone, in our view, Newscorp makes a lot more sense than Microsoft.

Answer to last periods Question/Issue

Issue. Vivendi Universal offering free downloads of its music catalog via its SpiralFrog site.

Response. Free can be a powerful force, but it does not do much for positioning your product or enhancing your brand image. Many will view this move as an admission that “the food is not very good in this restaurant.” There is an old expression... what you get for nothing is good for nothing.


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