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with a proven track-record of helping clients since 1986

Kalb & Associates has been helping organizations from around the world to be more successful since January of 1986. When we have created the business or marketing plan and helped to implement it, results have been dramatic, with increases in revenues ranging from 35 to 300 percent. When we have created communications for clients, they have won response awards or honorable mention from the media in which they have appeared.


Your Success is Our Goal. The goal of Kalb & Associates is to provide consulting, implementation, and training services to your firm that have a positive impact on its value — increasing sales, lowering costs, boosting profits and brand equity.

Proven Approach. To achieve this goal, we utilize an approach that is different from most other consulting firms. We employ only experienced consultants with proven track records in their fields of expertise. Since each of our consultants is an independent contractor working out of a virtual office, you only pay for the work completed. You don’t pay for any overhead related to idle resources, recruiting, benefits, payroll, bonuses, or plush offices — costs that are often built into the fees of competitors.

Focus on What is Important to You. Since many of our affiliated consultants also teach at prestigious universities, we have access to a talented pool of top college students and recent graduates to do research and collect data — allowing our consulting experts to concentrate on the important aspects of your project and to hold down project costs.

Partial List of Clients. Our approach has worked well for our clients who have realized a significant return on their investment in our services. A partial list of the clients we have served is shown below. We look forward to your joining them.

AboutBail.com Los Angeles, California

Al Mann Institute USC Los Angeles, California

Arcus Software, Inc. • Helsinki, Finland

Astro Arc • Sun Valley, California

Barclay Law Corporation • Newport Beach, California

Barlow Respiratory Hospital • Los Angeles, California

Becher + Carlson • Woodand Hills, California

Bell Industries, Inc. • Los Angeles, California

BioScreen Testing, Inc. • Torrance, California

Bobby Borg • Los Angeles, California

The Boeing Company, Inc. • Seattle, Washington and Long Beach, California

Bonneville Power • Portland, Oregon

Burrow Escrow • Irvine, California

Century Housing • Culver City, California

CMTC • Hawthorne, California

Chevron Petroleum Technologies • La Habra, California

Citibank • New York, New York

Collaborative Solutions, Inc. • Carlsbad and Redondo Beach, California

Compal Computer Systems • Beverly Hills, California

Consulate General of Finland • Los Angeles, California

Copenhagen Business School • Copenhagen, Denmark

CortiSlim • Yorba Linda, California

Daniel Pearl Foundation • Los Angeles, California

DakoCytomation • Copenhagen, Denmark

Data+Imagination, Inc. • Studio City, California

DataProducts • Woodland Hills, California

Dimensional Impressions • Encino, California

Dixon Boiler Works • Los Angeles, California

Dynamic Research, Inc. • Torrance, California

EEG Spectrum • Encino, California

eGiftbaskets.com • Beverly Hills, California

Elmorex Ltd. • Espoo, Finland

Encore Video • Hollywood, California

Encore Video Industries • Hollywood, California

Endero Plc • Espoo, Finland

Enkeboll • Carson, California

e-Predict.com • Seattle, Washington

Filmcore Print and Tape • Hollywood, California

Finland Technology Center (Tekes) • Los Angeles and San Jose, California and Helsinki, Finland

Garment Services Inc • South El Monte, California

Genetree • Salt Lake City, Utah

Genoa Technology, Inc. • Moorpark, California

Global Management Training Association Stockholm, Sweden

GPC Biotech AG • Munich, Germany and Princeton, New Jersey

Grover Products Company • Los Angeles, California

1-800Help-4-Pets • Los Angeles, California

Hewlett-Packard • Atlanta, Georgia and Cupertino, California

Hinderliter Heat Treating • Dallas, Texas

Hong Kong Trade Development Council • Los Angeles, California

InterAccess • Chicago, Illinois

IBM • San Francisco and San Jose, California

Intercontinental Cable Services • Austin, Texas

International Rectifier • El Segundo, California

International Teleproduction Society • Hollywood, California

IronWare Technologies • Denver, Colorado

Jazz Bakery • Culver City, California

JFM • Agen, France

Ain Jeem (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) • Century City, California

Katz & Associates • Los Angeles, California

Kroll Associates • Los Angeles, California

Kuzari • Jerusalem, Israel

Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance (LARTA) • Los Angeles, California

Litton Industries • Woodland Hills, California

MacKenzie Laboratories, Inc. • Glendora, California

Marking Methods Inc. • Alhambra, California

Mattel, Inc. • El Segundo, California

Media Services • Los Angeles, California

Medipolis • Oulu, Finland

Metal Treating Institute • Jacksonville, Florida

MST Technologies • Santa Monica, California

Multilizer • Helsinki, Finland

Mykotronx • Torrance, California

NASA • Langley, Virginia

Nokia • Bonn, Germany and Espoo, Finland

ObjectSoft • Madrid, Spain

Optical Radiation Corporation • Azusa, California

Overbreak,LLC • Sun Valley, California

Palmieri Associates • Los Angeles, California

Paulig Group • Helsinki, Finland

PackageX.com • Encino, California

Pharmadule • Vara, Sweden and Princeton, New Jersey

Phenomenex • Torrance, California and Manchester, England

Playboy Enterprises • Beverly Hills, California

Popsystems Ltd., Inc. • Espoo, Finland

Post Group/Hollyhocke • Hollywood, California

Qiagen • Dusseldorf, Germany and Valencia, California

Quality House Printing & Design • Pasadena, California

Real De Oaxaca Restaurant • Lynnwood, California

Remix Ltd. • Helsinki, Finland and New York, New York

Rico International • Sun Valley, California and Nice, France

Sage Medical • Woodland Hills, California

Samsung • Seoul, South Korea

Sandia National Laboratories • Albuquerque, New Mexico and Livermore, California

San Diego Petroleum • San Diego, California

Silverado Software & Consulting • Huntington Beach, California

Small Business Development Corporation • Torrance, California

Snow Lion Entertainment • Hollywood, California

Soff-Cut International, Inc. • Corona, California

Southern California Gas Company • Los Angeles, California

Spectria, Inc. (Rainbow Technologies) • Long Beach, California

Spinno • Espoo, Finland

The Strategics Group • Santa Monica, California

Sun Valley Dairy • Sun Valley, California

Sway Studio • Culver City, California

Symantec • Mountain View, California and Boston, Massachusetts

Tecnomen • Espoo, Finland

Teknia • Kuopio, Finland

3 Point Digital • Burbank, California

TimeVison • Torrance, California

TrafficSchool.com • North Hills, California

Traftools.com • Sherman Oaks, California

Transparent Technologies • Los Angeles, California

UCLA Extension • Los Angeles, California

United States Navy • Various locations

ViaSpace Technologies, LLC • Altadena, California

Vision Computer Works • Venice, California

VSP Ltd. • Jyvaskyla, Finland

Virtuosity • Burbank, California

VivoMetrics • Ventura, California

WaterCar • Newport Beach, California

White Knight • Cerritos, California

Zip Technologies • Culver City, California

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