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Current courses in which you can enroll are in red in the following table.

University Years Course # Courses Titles Level
USC 18

BUAD 307

USC Professor Web Site 1 GSBA 528

Marketing Management

Masters Grads
UCLA Anderson
School of Mgt

MGT 414B and 445

GAP Field Study Program FEMBA
UCLA Extension 27 X160

Marketing Principles & Practices



Zero-Budget Marketing


  X410.53 Fundamentals of Business & Management Executive
    X460.43 Creating Marketing and Advertising that Sells Executive
    X460.4 Technology Marketing Executive
    X460.9 Selling High-tech Products & Services Executive
    X460.35 Strategic Marketing Executive


Structuring and Managing Your Business for Success

    X460.394 E-Marketing Executive
    X865.84 Zero-Budget Marketing Seminar Executive
    X163 Advertising Principles & Policies Executive
    X460.3 Consumer Behavior Executive
    X460.7 Advanced Marketing Executive
    X460.33 Marketing Your Legal Services Legal Executive
    X497.51 Entrepreneurship: Managing Your Growing Business Executive*
    X460.54 Sales Promotion Executive*
UCLA Tech Mgt Program 7 D5 Marketing Survival Kit for the Successful Technical Manager   Executives and Technical Managers
USC 18

MKT 450

Consumer Behavior


    MKT 415 Sales Force Management Seniors
    MKT 425 Direct Marketing Seniors
    MKT 405 Advertising and Promotion Management Seniors
  11 Seminar Competing With Free Undergrads
    MKT 526 Advertising and Promotion Strategy MBA Grad Students
    MKT 529 Sales Management MBA Grad Students
    MKT 533 Brand Strategy MBA Grad Students
CSUN 6 MKT 100 Introduction to Business All Undergrads
    MGT 480 International Management Seniors and Graduates
    MKT 304 Marketing Management Juniors, Seniors, and Grad Students
    MGT 360 Organization and Management Juniors and Seniors
Copenhagen Business School 4 ZBM and Services Zero Budget Marketing and Services Marketing MBAs
Aalto University 5 ITP2000 Marketing High Technology and Telecommunications Executives, MBAs and MSCs
    MKT MGT Marketing Management MBAs and BBAs
    PER SEL Personal Selling BBAs
    HT MKT High-Technology Marketing MBAs
    ADV Advertising MBAs 
Pepperdine 1 MKT 675 Marketing Management MBAs 
Corporations 37 Various Seminars Seminars in Marketing and Management Executives
International 22 Various Seminars China, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Sweden,Thailand Executives

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