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We provide a variety of flexible options that best meet your needs including (1) Proven seminars provided “as is” (the least-cost and most popular option), (2) Seminars tailored to your specific needs, or (3) Customized training. Seminars can also be designed to fit with your time schedule in half-day, full-day, or multiple session formats depending on the detail you want and your budget. A partial list of the seminars we provide to clients is summarized below.

“Tell your students that one of your disciples went on to make $22M 7 years after taking your classes and reading all your books.”

  Since 1986, we have been training executives, managers, and staff personnel in organizations all over the world — from the largest Fortune 500 to the smallest start-up organizations. Our training uses the proprietary methods and systems we have invented and successfully implemented in the marketplace.
Tom Simonds, CEO InterAccess in Chicago
Marketing Training
Advertising & Promotion Strategies for greater sales, lower costs, and increased profits
Branding methods and techniques for more effective and less costly marketing
Competing with free to better compete on the Internet or with lower-cost rivals
Creating Marketing and Advertising that Sells your company and products 
Database Marketing for building closer more effective relationships
Direct Marketing methods for increasing sales and profits of lower-margin products
e-Marketing to market more effectively using the Internet
High-technology Marketing for more successful marketing of high-tech products
Market Plan Development for creating marketing plans that work better
Marketing Information System for collecting and acting on marketplace intelligence
Marketing Professional Services for marketing intangible products successfully
Marketing Toolkit™ for successful managers
  Nuts and Bolts Marketing to provide marketing fundamentals that work for all marketers
Network Marketing to multiply and leverage marketing effectiveness
Target Marketing for identifying target market segments and efficiently marketing to them
Zero-Budget Marketing Strategies for the marketing you need on a much smaller budget
Sales • Business Development Training
Professional Selling sales fundamentals for novice and experienced sales professionals
Sales Booster™ our proprietary Universal Sales System™ for increasing sales
Selling High-tech Products to more effectively sell high-technology goods and services
Sales Management for more efficiently and effectively managing the sales process
Sales Notebook Development to help sales people answer objections and close sales
Sales Systems to insure more successful selling efforts and boost corporate image
Management and Business Systems Training
Business & Management Fundamentals for more effective management
Business Plan Development for systematically creating a more effective business plan
Innovation for greater sales and profits
Structuring Your Business For Success using our own Universal Business Structure™
Paperwork Design to save time and money from improved efficiency and fewer mistakes
Paperwork Flow & Filing Systems to insure efficient and effective transaction handling
Policies and Procedures to reduce management costs and increase efficiencies

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